Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Great Day along the CA Coast!

We had an awesome day along the coast(we took over 350 pictures today)!

The day didn't start out very good as we woke to rain, sleet and some snow. Then, when we went out to the Suburban, the battery was dead (don't leave your electric cooler plugged in over night - oops!). We couldn't get to our battery cables that were packed under several layers of stuff and the rear hatch only opens electrically. Luckily we opened a Triple A account just for this trip and they were over in about 5 minutes to give us a jump. By the time we left Crescent City, the rain had almost quit, and for the rest of the day it only rained occasionally and we actually saw quite a bit of sun. The low temp. was about 32 and the high was mid 40s (sure beats the heck out of minus 20s, that I hear the temp. is back home). We made it to Fortuna, CA today and have driven about 2850 miles so far. Gas prices have been about $2.90 to $3.00 until we reached California where we paid $3.40.

P.S. We have been keeping an eye out for Bigfoot, but so far he (and she) has eluded us.

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