Sunday, February 22, 2009

Monster Jam

We went to the Monster Truck show at the FargoDome with the Cub Scouts. Both Grave Digger and Maximum Destruction were there. It is fun and very LOUD!

Spirit Week at Campbell

Rebel Spirit Day!
Circus Character Day!

Opposite Sex Day!

Rock and Roll Day!

Skiing at Andes Tower Hills

This is part of the crew that went skiing for 4-H. It was a great day.

. Josie, Jayden and Em

It was Josie's first time skiing and Jayden's second time. They both did great!

Snowmobile Fun!

Dylan, Eli, Tyler, Caleb, Emily and Alex
Big Air Alex!
The kids had a blast snowmobiling with some friends today. The boys loved going up the riverbanks (see video below)!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Dolly Surprises Mom!

My sister Pam (also called Dolly) flew home from Alaska to surprise Mom on her 70th birthday. Karen picked her up at the airport and Mom thought she was going out for a birthday lunch with her sister-in-law Sandy. We all surprised her at lunch (see Mom's reaction below)! For once, Mom was speechless. Pam gave her a book she had made (see above), but the real surprise was that Dolly was here. Pam stayed for almost a week. What a great surprise! Thanks for coming home Dolly. We all loved seeing you, and I know Mom was especially touched that you made the trip.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Basketball Season Ends.

Alex's basketball season ended last week. The team only won one game, bet they had a lot of fun. Below is a video of the end of the play where Alex stole the ball at half court, drove to the basket and made the layup.

Loving (and missing) Owen!

Sophie loved helping with Owen this week when Pam and Owen came from Alaska to surprise Mom on her 70th birthday. She has always liked babies, but she REALLY liked to help Owen. Pam and Owen returned to Alaska today and when we were leaving Sophie had to go back in twice to give Owen "One more hug" because she was so distraught over him leaving. When we got home Karen asked Sophie what she liked best about having Pam and Owen home and she said "I liked carrying Owen, and holding Owen, and sleeping by Owen, but it's hard to talk about Mom (as she teared up again)"

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Sophie Skiing

We went skiing at Wild Mountain a couple weeks ago with Joan and Wade. As you can see, we are missing one kid. Sam got the stomach flu so he stayed home with Grandma Janet. Pam and Tom gave us a family gift of a ski pass for Chistmas. Sam was so bummed that he couldn't go that we did not use the pass and told him we would go another time. Sophie had a blast. She started out skiing with the harness to help her, but by the end she was going on her own (See video below).

Friday, February 6, 2009

The Price of Beauty!

Em had Jayden stay over last weekend and they put this "stuff" on their faces.

Alex Basketball

Below is video of Alex scoring a basket. Alex's team won by three points tonight.

Cheerleader Em!

The Rebels Jr. Cheerleaders have been practicing for a couple of weeks and they showed their stuff tonight at halftime of the Boys Varsity basketball game. They had a lot of fun! They did such a good job the boys beat Wyndmere!