Monday, December 15, 2008

Playstation with Grandma

Sam loved showing Grandma how to play a Lego Star Wars game.

Sophie Field Trip

Grandma went on a field trip with Sophie to Three Rivers Gymnastics. Sophie loved playing in the foam pit and hanging out with Grandma.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Beginning Band

Emily had her first band concert on December 1st. She started playing the end of August. The band is 5th graders and a couple new 6th graders. Each of them gets to do a solo (see below).

Alex and a mink.

Alex caught his first mink about two weeks ago.

Dance and Dessert

Last Saturday Em was in Dance and Dessert. We watch the girls dance and then we get dessert.

Santa Days

We also had Santa Days in Campbell last Saturday.

Sundogs over Campbell

Time to get a tree.

We picked out our Christmas Tree yesterday. We always get a big (10 - 12 f00t tall) short-needled tree. This year we had to cut the top off a 25 ft tree to find one we liked. It wasn't quite as full as we normally get, but I guess there is more room for ornaments that way. The weather was perfect for cutting a tree (20 degrees, no wind and a little snow). I am glad I had my whole family with to get a tree. I get more requests to get a fake tree each year, but I still love a real one.

Playing in the Blizzard!

We are in the middle of a blizzard! We bought two snowmobiles from Karen's cousin Nathan. Emily thought it would be fun to snowmobile in a blizzard! Alex thought it would be fun too, so the three of us braved the elements. The weathermen say this is the worst blizzard since 1997. When we came in, the temperature was 12 degrees below zero with a wind chill of 35 below. Pretty much everything is cancelled and the kids are hoping the storm lasts long enough to cancel school tomorrow. I have heard we have gotten 15 inches of snow. I don't know how they can measure the snowfall when all the snow doesn't seem to be falling down, but rather flying horizontally.