Saturday, December 29, 2007

Blog Update Finished.

I think the blog now has most of our family highlights (starting back with Alex's trip to Alaska thru Christmas). I am hoping to be able to update the blog on our family vaction to the west coast (Jan 18 - Feb 11, 2008). I will bring my laptop along and try to update the blog (ideally daily, but at least every few days). I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and wish you a Happy New Year.

Alex in Alaska

Alex went to Alaska with Grandma and Grandpa this summer. They were in AK for 8 days and Alex had a great time. Thanks Grandma, Grandpa, Pam and Tom for a trip of a lifetime!
Alex holding Thomas.

Alex and Ella climbing on the rocks.

Grandma and Alex enjoying the view at Hatcher Pass.

Alex, Ella, and Claire in front of an iceberg near Whittier.
Filling the Christina Jo (boat) with gas.

Taking shrimp out of the shrimp pots. They caught 160 shrimp the first set they made.

Alex with his Quillback. He also caught a Sea Bass, but they didn't get any halibut.

Matanuska Glacier.

Alex Combines!

Alex started driving the combine by himself this year. How cool is that! Dad can stay in the air conditioned house and just go into the elevator and pick up the check! Yeh, right?

Champion Tractor Drivers!

Sam and Alex each won trophies in the Tractor Pulling contest. Sam got first in his age group and Alex got second. Sam was very nervous and did not want to do it, but after winning a trophy he thought it was pretty cool. He really enjoyed winning a bigger trophy than Aex.

4-H Winners

Alex got one champion and Em got three champions and one reserve champion.

The Great Minnesota Get Together

AHHHH! Food on a Stick!

People People Everywhere

The BIG Pig!
We Rode the Giant Slide

Home Depot here I come.
Tie Dye for everyone.

We went to the MN State Fair with Randy and Janele Rittenour, Joan and Wade and Grandma Janet this fall.

North Shore Camping

Placing coins on the tracks.
Waiting for the train.
Ahhh! Success!!! Nothing beats a squished penny!
The water is cold.
Agates where are you?

Split Rock Lighthouse
Alex jumping, see video next post.
Em jumping, see video next post.
Gooseberry Falls

We went camping at Knife River with Janet, Joan and Wade, and Tim and Lynne over Labor Day.

Alex and Emily Jumping!

Alex and Emily jumping into the river at the North Shore

Alex and Uncle Tim jumped first and finally Em worked up the courage to jump.

Unfortunately I don't know how to rotate the images, so either turn your screen or

stretch your brain.


Sam started kindergarten this fall and loves it. Sophie also started school (preschool in the Campbell school) so she gets to ride the bus with the older kids.

Football Season

Alex played both ways on the Campbell 4-6 grade football team. They had a great year with only one loss.

Crownbearer Sam

Sam was selected to be the crownbearer for Homecoming in September.

Fishing with Dad

Don and I went fishing with Dad on a small lake near Dalton in September. We were good sons and let Dad catch all the big walleyes. It couldn't be that he is a much better fisherman, could it?

Alex's First Deer

Alex got his first deer with his bow on September 19. I was in a different stand and was hunting with a camcorder. The shot was about 15 yards and he hit it a little behind where he was aiming (probably because the deer was walking). The deer ran quite a distance (300-400 yards), but the good thing was it ran towards my pickup. It fell right next to the front tire of my pickup!

Friday, December 28, 2007

Duck Hunting

Alex also got these three mallards in October. That night Alex cooked the ducks and the next couple nights he took Sam duck hunting on the Rabbit River. They didn't get any, but Sam thought it was pretty cool.