Saturday, June 30, 2007

Blog Updated

OK, for those of you who have been bugging me abut updating my blog. IT IS UPDATED! If you are bored there are now a whole bunch of new pics. I know I haven't been very good for awhile, (no updates in about 6 weeks). I will try to do a better job. Enjoy in moderation!

Alyssa Has A Job!

Stop in to Dairy Queen and say Hi. She loves it if you take her picture!

Father's Day

We went to Sandy and Gordy's cabin on Jewett Lake. We were on the windy side of the lake which somewhat limited the dockside activities, but made for some awesome waves for tubing. The last picture has Luke bouncing on the water and Alex and Jack about to join him. Looks like fun, doesn't it!?!?

Friday, June 29, 2007


I saw a snapping turtle laying eggs ad asked the kids if they wanted to catch a snapping turtle. Guess what, they did. We caught it in a 30 gallon garbage can. It was done laying eggs when we got there, but still nearby. The fourth picture is of Sam holding two eggs. After enjoying Snappers company for a couple of days (Karen might not agree with that statement), we let her go down by the river. There should be plenty of rough fish and bullheads for her there. A few days later, we dug up the eggs, because Alex wanted to try to see them hatch. The last picture is him next to the 5 gallon bucket that we put the eggs in. He put the bucket in a hole he dug in our garden. I was surprised at how many eggs there were. Our 22 lb Snapper laid 76 eggs in that nest. I wonder how many little turtles we will get.

Rose Lake

Highway 82 between Dalton and Hwy 59 is being redone this summer and at the same time they are redoing the Rose Lake outlet into some new cement culverts instead of going through the old mill. The first picture is of Alex by the old mill foundation (note the Wood Duck house on tree, you can see that also in the last picture).

Biker Sophie

While we were looking at the Red River, some friends stopped that were riding their motorcycles. Sophie thought it was pretty cool to sit on a motorcycle. Thanks Holly!

Red River

The Red River in Wahpeton also was above flood stage. The first picture is of our county fairgrounds at the confluence (a fancy word for rivers coming together) of the Bois de Sioux and Ottertail Rivers. The next two pictures are of Alex jumping the river and squashing a tree.

High Water Again

The beginning of June we had way too much rain and that resulted in the Rabbit River flooding. It was over the road to Ben's and way over the bridge to my plots. I bought a jon boat earlier this spring to make navigating the river easier and now my brother-in-law Tom let me use his outboard motor. It's almost fun to go boating on the Rabbit now. Thanks Tom!

Em Dance

Emily had her dance recital on Sophie's birthday. Em did a great job and of course got a bunch of flowers. The dancing went on a little long for Sam.

Sophie's Third Birthday

Sophie turned three on June 8. We had a party at Chucky Cheese with Grandma Janet and Joan and Wade, and then had a party here with Mom and Dad and Don and Lori. Sophie loves her stroller. She is constantly giving her babies rides around the house. Oh yeah, Sophie wanted a Care Bear cake. Imagine that!

Alex Baseball

Alex has been playing on the Breckenridge Cal Ripken 11 year old team. He plays mostly in the outfield and a little 3rd base and 2nd base. Half our games are played in Fargo, which is a pain, but he has a great coach and is learning a lot. He has had a couple of really good games. One game in Fargo, he had all three of the RBI's in a game we won 3-1, and last weekend in the final game at a tournament in Fargo, Alex drove in the first run of the game that we won 2-1. The team is having a great year and hasn't lost yet in about a dozen games.

Dad's 70th Birthday

Dad had his 70th Birthday on 5/27/2007. Kay and Pete, and John and Donna, came for dinner and then Mom, Dad, Kay and Pete went over to Aastad Church to put out the erns. I learned that artificial flowers are not acceptable in this family!