Sunday, June 29, 2008

Dad, I Need a Hoop

It is a little difficult to practice basketball without a basket, so we decided to put in a concrete pad and basketball hoop. Errow had a great idea and we put in a tetherball pole also. What can be more fun than hitting a ball as hard as you can at your friends and siblings.

Getting Ready

I dug out some of the gravel in front of the garage where we are putting the hoop and

then Errow and Frank put up the forms and filled it back in gravel to get a 4 inch concrete pad.

Pouring the pad

We poured the concrete pad on May 23.


Of course, we had to put the kids handprints in the concrete. It was the last day of school so we took Alex and Em out of school for about an hour so that we could aways look at their handprints.

Sam's First Shot

Sam made his first shot at our new hoop (Alex and Dad made their first shots too). It took quite awhile to get the hoop up as it did not come with all the parts. We did get a pad for the post out of the deal, maybe it will prevent an injury. The kids have really enjoyed the hoop. We still need to get the free throw and 3 point lines painted. One of these days.