Thursday, February 14, 2008

King's Canyon

Karen's uncle, Jon, took us up to King's Canyon on Feb. 3. It was raining when we left Fresno, and snowing heavily when we arrived at King's Canyon. We missed a turn and ended up driving to the Hume Lake Christian Camp. This bus got stuck trying to get in to pick up campers. They have about 200 campers each weekend. The driver did not put on snow chains. Chains or four wheel drive were required and he could have been fined $25 for each "Chains Required" sign he passed (about 10). Alex crawled into the storage area under the bus to retrieve the chains. We ended up "stranded" at Hume Lake for about an hour as they arranged for a pilot car for vehicles to follow in and out. The snow was really coming down while we were there, and it turned out to be the best thing for us to wait as it quit snowing by the time we arrived at General Grant Tree later. They had received 2-3 feet of snow the previous 24 hours. We were trying to meet a co-worker of Karen's (Diane Skramstad) that day, but their rental car did not have enough clearance for chains.

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