Saturday, February 16, 2008

Heavy Snow

We were supposed to meet Jean and Greg on Thursday February 7 in Silverthorne, CO. On Friday we were going to ski together at Copper Mountain Ski Resort. It was a great plan, until it started to snow heavily and they shut down Interstate 70 at the Vail Pass. We were less than 20 miles from Copper Mountain, but they closed the Interstate due to a multiple car accident and bad weather. We had to backtrack some 60 miles because all the motels were sold out. It was amazing how many trucks were lined up along the on/off ramps and even on the Interstate. There must have been several hundred. We were able to go south to Leadville and then north to Copper Mountain to bypass the Vail Pass, but it was too late to ski. I don't think it would have been very good for the kids anyway. It was cold, windy and they had over a foot of powder. Not exactly good conditions for Sam.

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