Saturday, April 7, 2007

Tea Party

Alex and Emily each had a friend stay over last night, and the girls thought the boys would love to have a tea party. The boys weren't all that excited about it, but they were good sports and had a little tea(Gatorade).


Pam said...

I loved that shirt when I had it. I weared it all the time and I still love the purple puppy shirt. I didn't know that my mom sended my puppy shirt to you. I'm glad Sophie likes it! Love, claire

Pam said...

Yikes! I got busted...Ella always wants to zoom in and look at the picture bigger. Claire noticed her purple shirt! She asked and asked where it went (quite awhile ago) and I told her I didn't know. It was way too small for her, but she still loved it and wore it for way too long! I finally had to hide it.

Anonymous said...

Sophie loves to wear the clothes from Claire. She will always say " Claire buyed this for me. It's so cute".