Monday, April 2, 2007

April Fool's Dinner

We were a little preoccupied with the river this year so our annual April Fool's dinner was pretty weak. All we did was serve the dessert first and color the milk. The second picture is from our meal a couple years ago. The mashed potatoes were actually ice cream and caramel, the cupcake was meatloaf, and the shake was mashed potatoes. The kids love these meals and were a little disappointed this year, but they did like eating dessert first.


Pam said...

And what were the green beans? You can answer on here, did you know that? Ella wants to know "right now!"

Anonymous said...

Ella, I had to ask Karen what the green beans were. They were from green Starburst that were heated in the microwave. What looks like meatlof is a rice krispie bar.