Friday, June 29, 2007


I saw a snapping turtle laying eggs ad asked the kids if they wanted to catch a snapping turtle. Guess what, they did. We caught it in a 30 gallon garbage can. It was done laying eggs when we got there, but still nearby. The fourth picture is of Sam holding two eggs. After enjoying Snappers company for a couple of days (Karen might not agree with that statement), we let her go down by the river. There should be plenty of rough fish and bullheads for her there. A few days later, we dug up the eggs, because Alex wanted to try to see them hatch. The last picture is him next to the 5 gallon bucket that we put the eggs in. He put the bucket in a hole he dug in our garden. I was surprised at how many eggs there were. Our 22 lb Snapper laid 76 eggs in that nest. I wonder how many little turtles we will get.

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