Friday, June 29, 2007

Alex Baseball

Alex has been playing on the Breckenridge Cal Ripken 11 year old team. He plays mostly in the outfield and a little 3rd base and 2nd base. Half our games are played in Fargo, which is a pain, but he has a great coach and is learning a lot. He has had a couple of really good games. One game in Fargo, he had all three of the RBI's in a game we won 3-1, and last weekend in the final game at a tournament in Fargo, Alex drove in the first run of the game that we won 2-1. The team is having a great year and hasn't lost yet in about a dozen games.

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Anonymous said...

Way to go Alex, "Puckett" Viger! Now that Caleb is done (finally) maybe we can come watch a game. Keep at it slugger! J & R