Monday, December 7, 2009

The Perfect Tree

We made our annual trip to find the perfect tree. Alex wasn't feeling good so he missed this years outing. When we got to the tree farm, we told them we needed a saw. Sam asked why we didn't bring the chainsaw and we told him it was time he and Emily cut the tree down. After driving around looking for awhile, the kids wanted to ride in the back of the pickup. Sophie got in back first and said "Dad, you did bring the chainsaw with". We had a hard time finding a normal size tree (that's about twelve feet for us). We found a pre-cut tree that would work, but it's just not the same as cutting it yourself. This tree farm has had a lot of problems with deer eating the bottoms of the trees and they said to take the top off a bigger tree. We ended up using the chainsaw, after Em and Sam got sick of cutting by hand, to take the top half of a 25 footer.


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