Thursday, May 7, 2009

Wings Over Wahpeton

There was a free airshow in Wahpeton today. The pilots all brought their planes and flew as a tribute to the late Gerry Beck from Wahpeton who died flying at an airshow a couple of years ago. Gerry restored and flew many World War II vintage planes. The airport invited all the schools in the area to see to show, and Campbell decided to let all the kids up through 6th grade go. After Alex's baseball game last night, he said he really wished that he could go and I thought it was still too wet to plant, so why not take him out of school to see it. The A-10 and Canadian Snowbirds were highlights (see videos below).


the VANDERSLUIS Blog said...

Great footage! Glad I was able to see them as well.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to the wonderful article