Monday, May 7, 2007

Girls Just Wanna Go Boating!

Emily and Sophie were very upset they didn't get to go boating with us yesterday, and since it is too wet to do any planting, we took the boat out again tonight. Alex thought he would use the canoe, and after awhile Emily wanted to canoe with Alex. Mom even joined the fun, but she didn't really want to row. Oh well, I guess it is good exercise for me. I definitely like going downstream better than upstream though. Emily and Alex wanted to go all the way to Campbell, and Karen thought that was a good idea as long as she could just ride along. My old muscles decided that the prudent thing to do was turn around and go home. It was a beautiful night with no bugs!


Pam said...

Looks like fun! Thomas went on his first canoe ride pictures though! I kind of had my hands full. Next time!

Anonymous said...

this is a nice picture but time to update. Does this mean you are not done in the field?

Anonymous said...

Seems like a long time since you updated your blog. Did Sophie enjoy her first day of school? Have a good day